Life without shelter is ultimately dead life. No decent survival can ever gain meaning without a place in which to hide one’s head. It’s common knowledge that shelter is the backbone of human existence. These children need your support, they too direly require a conducive environment in which to live. With a humbling call, we pray in the name of our Lord, that you come forward and give us a boost. In the Lord’s name, we thank you in advance.
This centre’s milestones depend on how we are going to stand by these kids, us people of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the one who gave his life for our emancipation, kindly support sheltering these kids by making their structures accommodative.


As days cross over to months and eventually to years, the center’s shelter development department has already put in necessary strategies to make the livelihood of these children blossom. St Irene Orthodox mission center’s bottom philosophy mission and vision were to build a permanent building on a 3-acre piece of land the center had bought. Besides building permanent buildings for the center, the initial plan hatched for the 2020 to 2028 projection strategic plan, had been well blueprinted to cover this vision that was meant to make the center change its face to a modernized complex.

Building St Irene Orthodox Mission School (PHASE 1)

$350 of $162,000 raised
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Donation Total: $100.00

In this projected strategy, the centre plan to put up modern dormitories, that march the current architectural set-up since South Kinangop is a cold area. Apart from dormitories, since many of these children sleep in their foster homes though the centre caters for their upkeep. The projections on the construction of other important blocks include; a church (That is 90% complete), classrooms, a dining hall, a community centre, a talents academy, laboratory with relevant facilities such as a music centre among other important facilities that go in hand with the school requirement. As well-wishers, we urge you all and give us support in prayers and financially adequately in order to make this dream flourish. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks in advance.