Education Sponsoring – School Supplies

St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage offers sponsorship programs. These programs are necessary.  We offer the opportunity for the needy kids who live in abject poverty. Currently there are more than 200 kids who receive our support and they fully rely on kind people like you to acquire education at our mission center. We urge you to keep on supporting this noble course by donating to our Mission Centre.

You can make a difference in the life of a child through a one-time or monthly donation to our education program or by sponsoring a child.

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Since the mission wants to be self reliant in future we offer education to these children since education is the key to success hoping that one day they will give back to church by supporting it when they will have huge salaries .
Donate $30 each child monthly


Donating to St. Irene Orthodox Mission means you make lives better for vulnerable children at St Irene Orthodox Mission & Orphanage in Kenya. We are proud that 92.8 percent of donations go straight to supporting our service projects.. Your financial help makes all this happen, and more.