Borehole Drilling a Dream Come True

Borehole Drilling a Dream Come True Borehole at St Irene Orthodox Mission Center and Orphanage. Water is Life and this is the way we could display God's love in dedicating the water well to the kids at the orphanage and needy community around us where people have no access to get enough water to cater [...]

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Every Drop Counts

Clean Water is a Challenge in remote areas of Kenya, and only a very small portion of it is drinkable. Taking simple steps to save water in your daily activities can add up to a significant number of gallons of water conserved. And water conservation is a key link between balancing our current and [...]

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Water need in St Irene Orthodox Mission

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory to Him forever! Life has no pattern and water is life This is only near by river with water around our mission centre It is 5kilometres away from St Irene Orthodox mission centre. I have been coming here every morning but today the children [...]

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