Water Project Success Profile Statement and the Way Forward

Water Project Success and the Way Forward As we mark down the success of our local water project in St Irene Orthodox Mission Centre & Orphanage, On behalf of St Irene fraternity who benefit a great deal on account of this humanitarian and noble cause of the most precious gift in the world: [...]

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With Water, We Restore Hope

WITH WATER, WE RESTORE HOPE Building the foundation for so much more Imagine believing you would die before your community could drink clean water—burdened by an entire life of suffering. Animals defecate in the river where you gather water to drink, cook and clean. In the dry season, even this contaminated water is hard to [...]

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Drought a Great Enemy at Our Mission Center

Christ in our midst. I was brought up by Orthodox parents from childhood, I felt motivated to serve in the Orthodox church as a priest. Similarly, I was serving as an altar boy from my tender age, and seeing my priest serving in the faithful I admired and prayed to God that one day would [...]

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EXCELLENT WONDERFUL: Dive to 250 meters deep, in the presence of the bishops, they found water (VIDEO: “I got rid of the donkey carriage.”)

Yesterday, August 1, 2018, the Orthodox Mission Center and St. Irina Orphanage had extensive drilling work on a deep well. Up to now, water supplies were made from a 20-kilometer-long river, but neither the quality of the water nor the quantity they needed could be permanently secured. The water spring was found at a depth of 250 meters by [...]

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Săpând la 250 de metri adâncime, în prezența episcopilor, au găsit apă (VIDEO: “Am scăpat de cărăușia cu măgărușii.”)

Ieri, 01 august 2018, la Centrul Misionar Ortodox si Orfelinatul Sfânta Irina au avut loc lucrări ample de forare a unui puț de mare adâncime. Până în prezent, aprovizionarea cu apă se făcea de la un râu aflat la 20 de kilometri de institut, însă nici calitatea apei și nici cantitatea de care aveau nevoie nu puteau [...]

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Borehole Drilling a Dream Come True

Borehole Drilling a Dream Come True Borehole at St Irene Orthodox Mission Center and Orphanage. Water is Life and this is the way we could display God's love in dedicating the water well to the kids at the orphanage and needy community around us where people have no access to get enough water to cater [...]

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Water need in St Irene Orthodox Mission

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory to Him forever! Life has no pattern and water is life This is only near by river with water around our mission centre It is 5kilometres away from St Irene Orthodox mission centre. I have been coming here every morning but today the children [...]

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