Nativity of our lord Jesus Christ

As with Pascha, or Easter, the Feast of the Nativity begins with a period of preparation. It is proceeded by a fast corresponding to Lent and lasting for forty days. The fast begins on November 15. On the Sundays immediately before December 25, special commemorations emphasize the link between the Old Covenant and the New. [...]

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St Irene helps 114 needy children

St Irene helps 114 children suffering from spiritual ,economic,social and physical poverty.Some of the children live with sick parents and elderly guardians who are physically and sexually abusive. WHAT WE OFFER FOOD The 112 children eat in the mission Centre at breakfast,lunch,and supper. we consider balance diet when serving food to our children to avoid [...]

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Establishment of St. Irene Orthodox Mission

St Irene Orthodox mission centre Kenya was started in may 2010 by Fr Constantino’s Eliud and his presbytera Triza. Our mission has played big role in spreading the Orthodox faith in this community. The mission started from scratch. We rented a room that served as a Church and a catechitical class. I joined the Makarios [...]

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