Borehole Drilling and a Steel Elevated Tower Project

St. Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage is located in Nyandarua County Kenya. The nearest public primary school around the area is Njabini Primary School Primary School with over 1400 and is about 10 Kms away from the area where the Mission Center is located. Over 1,200 households in the neighborhood suffer from a lack of clean water supply and sanitation.

The School and the community at large have undergone unheard human miseries due to constant droughts and unreliable rainfalls. Most of the rivers in the area are seasonal, an indication that there is no constant water supply. The Village and the school have undergone a lot of miseries as it has not been able to access enough clean water to the children, women and the larger society. Thus the community and the children are generally at the mercy of their creator since the cleanliness of such waters is not assured.

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Project idea

The project idea is to improve access to clean water for the pupils and the community at Njabini through borehole drilling. There will be St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage committee headed by Fr. Constantinos Eliud to coordinate the drilling of the borehole and extending the pipeline to the Mission Center where most needy children from the area goes to school.

After completion, the project will be handed over to the St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage that will supervise the continued use of the water borehole to full participation of community at different stages of the project and the water use. The Committee will seek the services of the boreholes drilling company and water pump Supply Company for repair. It will also coordinate the entire project while seeking technical advice from the experts.

Project Implementation

Step I: Preparation

The Village will facilitate the formation of project committee that shall be composed of the a representative from St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage, Project Manager, Program Coordination, Community Mobilizer, Project Financial Manager and Project Evaluator. The project committees will make necessary plans for initialization of the project and the appointed site. Members of the Committee shall serve as volunteers with no pay or any allowances as there is no funds set aside for the same.

Step ll: Community Mobilization

The Committee will spearhead the mobilization of community members. This will be realized through involvement of the community elders, Local Assistant Chief and the Area Educational Officer.

Step III: Ongoing Operations

The preparation of’ tender invitations from interested and eligible firms to drill the borehole will be conducted and awarded in a fair manner.

Step IV: Evaluation

Carrying out of summative evaluation of the project to find out whether the objectives will be met.

Hydrogeological Survey and Borehole Site Investigations For The Proposed Borehole

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference for carrying out the work have been defined as follows:

  • To carry out Hydro geological investigations to establish the groundwater occurrence and distribution in the project area;
  • To analyze all data pertaining to hydrogeology, geology and report thereon;
  • Assist in acquisition of groundwater permit from Water Resources Management Authority.

2.2.1 ACTIVITY A: Data Collection and Review

Under this activity, the Consultants will compile a full inventory of existing data, reports, documents etc. covering all aspects of groundwater resources in the project area. These will comprise hydrogeology, hydrology, soils, groundwater quality data etc

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i) Hydro geological investigations including data collection and review,

data analysis and report compilation.

ii) Ground water Authorizations official fees 50.00
iii) Ground water Authorizations follow—up and facilitation 100.00
iv) Preparation of E.I.A Reports, including submission and follow up to the license level 450.00
v)  NEMA Fees 100.00
Total Amount 1,500.00

ACTIVITY B: Hydro geological and Geophysical Surveys

The geophysical surveys will involve vertical electrical soundings (VES) using Terrameter SAS 300C to determine the sub—surface layering and depth o the groundwater table if the space allows devoid of cables and pipes

ACTIVITY C: Data Analyses

The data obtained from the field will be interpreted using a computer and appropriate software. The site will be indicated on the client’s site plans to depict the exact location and where possible on 1:50,000 map. The selected site fo1 drilling will be securely mar ked on the ground in agreement with St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage. All findings and measurement results from the field will be analyzed and synthesized focusing on recommendations for the most suitable drill site.

ACTIVITY D: Reporting

A complete report will be submitted to the St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage incorporating all the findings, together with conclusions and recommendations with graphics, maps and appendices.

ACTIVITY E: Permit acquisition

We shall assist the Client on documentation and follow—up of groundwater permit with the Water resources and acquiring consent letter from the water: service provider if requested by Water Resource management Authority.

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Bills of Quantities (BQ) For Drilling One Borehole of Approximate 200m

1. a.) Mobilization and Demobilization:

Mobilization of drilling rig, equipment, supplies & personnel to site and demobilization after completion of drilling works.

















1.b.) Setting and dismantling of the rig at the drilling site






250.00 250.00
2. a)


 Drilling Technique: using a rotary drilling rig

Drilling from 0-100m – 8″ (203mm) hole



100 28.00 2800.00
Drilling from 100 to 200m — 3″ (203mm) hole M 100 30.00 3000.00
c.) Drilling from 200 to 300m— 8” (203mm) hole ‘ ‘ M 100 30.00 3000.00
3.  Drilling Foam and water L/S 1 300.00 300.00
4. Geological sampling and report L/S 1 200.00 200.00
5. a.) Casing and Screens: Protective steel starter casing M 6 30.00 180.00
b.) Solid steel casings of 6″(153mm) diameter M 120 22.00 2640.00
c.) Screen steel casings of 6″ (153mm) diameter M 80 24.00 1920.00
6 Gravel pack: Supply and installation of gravel pack of 2—4mm. Tons 8 45.00 360.00


Well Construction: Welding works and slabs to form concrete surface plug around casing and supply and install of well cap L/s


1 100.00 100.00
8 8. Well Development using air or water jetting as recommended by the hydro geologist. L/s 1 500.00 500.00
9. a.) Well Testing: Supply and mobilization of the test pumping unit L/s 1 100.00 100.00
b.) Installation 8: removal of the test pumping unit L/s 1 100.00 100.00
c.) Test Pumping for 24hrs L/s 1 400.00 400.00
d.) Recovery after test _ L/s 1 50.00 50.00
10. Full Chemical Analysis & Bacteriology L/s 1 100.00 100.00
TOTAL 17,000.00

Quotation for 6 Meter Steel Elevated Tower

Material Specifications

  • Hot rolled sections to BS 4360 Grade 43A or equivalent
  • Cold formed sections to BS 5950 Part 5: 1997 or equivalent
  • Bolt and nuts to BS 3692 and BS 4190 or equivalent
  • Welding specifications to BS 5135 or equivalent
  • Welding electrodes to BS 635 or equivalent
1 Foundation bases: – comprising of 4 number


foundation bases
















Structural steelwork for 6m tower comprising of tower

SHS columns, angle bracings, platform beams, access cat ladder and railing on the platform and fixtures necessary for our erection. The tower is painted with one coat of  red oxide

primer and one coat of Silver aluminium paint





























3 Plumbing works comprising of piping the work for the borehole to the tank and the base of the tower for distribution  








4 Supply 10,000 litres water tanks 1 No 950.00 950.00
5 Installation of Water Purification Machine (Reverse Osmosis) 1 2000L/H 25,000 25.000.00




Borehole Pump And Accessories

The information below represents details as provided by you:


  • Borehole depth 200m
  • Static water level             – m
  • Dynamic water level        – m
  • Depth of pump intake – m
  • Tested yield – m3/hr
  • Required yield – m3/hr


  1. Pump – Borehole Submersible pump as Daylif Ds 5A— 33 or equivalent to coupled to 3.0kw- 4.0Hp (three phase).The pump capacity to be 4000 litres per hour at 150M head with the pump set at l80.00m below ground level.
  2. Control Unit – Control Panel type. Contactor, ammeter, and low level cut out relay, phase failure, relay, all wired together and mounted in a steel enclosure with terminals
  3. Piping —l.5″ Dayliff PVC pipes 3.0 m each


  1. Transport of equipment to the site,
  2. Lowering of the pump in the borehole,
  3. Electrical connections between pump and controller,
  4. Connection from the pump controller to the power source,
  5. Commissioning and testing with water delivered to the surface.

Borehole Pump And Accessories Cost

1 Borehole Submersible pump as Daylif Ds 5A-

33 or equivalent coupled to 3.0kw- 4.0Hp

(three phase).The pump capacity to be 4000

litres per hour at ISOM head with the pump set at l80.00m below ground level.

1 No 1,425.00 1,452.00
2 2.5 mm2 x 4 core submersible borehole pump cable 185 M 3.90 721.50
3 Electrode cable 1mm2 x 1 core 370 M 0.35 129.50
4 Electrodes 1 Pair 46.00 46.00
5 Cable splicing pipes 1’’ 1 Set 30 30.00
6 Upvc dipper pipes 1’’ 30 Pcs 3.00 90.00
7 Plastic borehole pipes 1.5.”, length 3m long 60 Psc 21.00 1,260.00
8 Starter pipes 1.5’’ 1 Psc 70.00 70.00
9 Bottom adapter 1 Pcs 24.00 24.00
10 Top adapter 1 Pcs 32.00 32.00
11 borehole surface Sundries;
A Borehole cover plate 1.5’’ 1 Pcs 100.00 100.00
B G.l plug 1’’ 1 Pcs 0.60 0.60
C G.l plug 1.5 ‘’ 1 Pcs 1.80 1.80
D G.l hex nipples 1.5’’ 4 Pcs 5.40 21.60
E G.l bend 1.5’’ 2 Pcs 7.50 15.00
F G.l union 1.5’’ 1 Pcs 9.80 9.80
G G.l tee 1.5’ 1 Pcs 5.90 5.90
H Pegler Non-Return Valve 1.5’’ 1 Pcs 55.00 55.00
12 electrical surface sundries
A Junction Box complete with fittings


1 Set 25.00 25.00
B Cable trunking 2 Lengths 35.00 70.00
C Supply and install 2.5mm2 x 4 core Armored

underground cable from power source to the

pump house and from pump house to the


30 M 4.00 120.00
D supply and install 1.5mm2 x 2 core armored cable for borehole electrodes and for the tanks float switch 50 M 2.00 100.00
E Float switch 1 No 30.00 30.00
F Earth rod and earth rod chamber 1 No 35.00 35.00
13 Main switch fuse 1 No 100.00 100.00
14 Non electronic Control Panel 2Hp—three phase in a lockable steel enclosure with hour meter. 1 No 700.00 700.00
15 Water Master Meter 1.5″ complete with


1 No 200.00 200.00
16 Borehole pump lowering Ls 350.00 350.00
17 Installation of Electricity 1 750.00 750.00
18 Electricity Utility Billing for 1 Year 12 150.00 1800.00
TOTAL 8,281.70

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The sustainability of this water project is based on the following:

  • Contribution from the community members. Water shall be sold to the community at affordable rates currently a 20 litres can of water costs $0.4. We shall sell at $0.05. The amount collected from the sale will help in the maintenance.
  • Horticulture farming: Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage in partnership with school management will train the community on horticulture farming. Money raised from the sales will improve their living standards.
  • Afforestation program: Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage will initiate a tree seedlings nursery. The community will be supplied with these trees for free. The trees planted will help in sustaining the environmental biodiversity.
  • Water for Animals: This will lead to improved health and productivity of livestock.

Public and private partnership: St. Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage in partnership with both public and private sectors will generate resources to sustain the project.


Hydrogeological Survey and Borehole Site Investigations for the Proposed Borehole 1,500.00
Bills of Quantities (BQ) For Drilling One Borehole Of Approximate 200m 17,000.00
6 Meter Steel Elevated Tower 32,863.00
Equipment: Pump & Control 8,281.70
Total Budget 59,644.70



A/C NAME: St. Irene Orthodox Mission Center

A/C NO: 1200959485



BRANCH: Njabini, Kenya

St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage looks forward to sponsors and well-wishers to fund this project on behalf of the needy Kenyan children at St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage who deserve our love and care so much!!

May God bless you All,

In The Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit


Yours in Christ,

Fr. Constantinos Eliud Muthiru

Director and Father in Charge at St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage