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School Uniforms For the Needy Kids

Many children in Njabini area fail to start school on the first day of school because they don't have the appropriate school uniforms.  There are many families that simply cannot afford to purchase the required school attire for their children. Uniforms are considered a form of discipline that schools use to control student behavior and often promote conventional gendered [...]

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Celebrating Orthodox Easter

In April we will celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ: the only person through whom we are reconciled to God. Easter in Kenya is celebrated according to the Julian Calendar used by the Eastern Orthodox Church, rather than on the date used in Catholic, Protestant, and other Western churches that use the Gregorian [...]

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Let the Children Come to Me

In St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage, little children playing in the field and learning group meeting. The adorable little faces and their actions are so captivating I at times get momentarily distracted from the business at hand, including questions I wanted to ask the kids at St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage. [...]

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St. John Chrysostom – For the greatest thing is charity, and moderation, and almsgiving; which hits a higher mark even than virginity

“Do you see that our practice has more power to do good? By practice I mean, not your fasting, nor yet your strewing sackcloth and ashes under you, but if you despise wealth, as it ought to be despised; if you be kindly affectioned, if you give your bread to the hungry, if you control [...]

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We Now Own Land for the Mission Center Thanks for Your Continued Support

Dear friends and family,  thank you so much for supporting St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage and for making this dream become a reality for us! We love you so, so much! It has always been my dream of having a permanent home for the orphans at St [...]

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Celebrating Christmas with Love Care for the Little Ones

As we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ I would wish to give an advice on how we should bring up our children. Jesus said, "Let the children come to Me and do not hinder them for such belongs the Kingdom of Heaven" (St. Matthew 19:14). Our Most Loving Lord Jesus Christ had a special [...]

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Water need in St Irene Orthodox Mission

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory to Him forever! Life has no pattern and water is life This is only near by river with water around our mission centre It is 5kilometres away from St Irene Orthodox mission centre. I have been coming here every morning but today the children [...]

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Why Easter Dates Change

1.Why is not Easter on the same date every year like Christmas for instance? answer in the 4th century it was decided that Easter would fall after the first full moon following the vernal or spring equinox.(The equinox is a day in the year on which daytime and night-time are of equal length).This happens twice [...]

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