Holy Matrimony at St Irene Orthodox Mission Center & Orphanage

Lydia Weds Julius

A body is made up of cells. In order for a body to live, the cells must also be living. For the body of Christ to be alive, the Holy Holy Spirit must constantly add new cells to it. He does this by transforming families into cells of Christ’s body, into cells of the church.

This is the mystery of crowning, the consecration and sanctification of conjugal love by the Holy Spirit which is commonly called the sacrament of marriage. We expect the for elements ie. offering, Anamnesis, Epiclesis and Communion to happen on 29th December 2018 when two of my spiritual children, caregivers and committed faithful Julius and Lydia will tie knots of life and say “Yes I Do” in the holy sacrament of matrimony.

We at St Irene’s are so proud of this sacrament because it is by so doing we believe for sure we are walking the sacraments of our Orthodox faith. Similarly, our kids have an opportunity to witness for the first time the sacrament of marriage. The whole burden is on Fr. Constantinos shoulders. We need food, gowns, suite, transport for the kids, decorations, cakes, presents, public address, rings, crowns and many more to make this wedding a colorful one.

We only have 3 weeks to go and our budget amounts to $3000.

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God blesses the hand that gives. Please be counted

Yours in Christ,

Fr. Constantinos Eliud Muthiru