St. Irene Orthodox Mission

St Irene Orthodox Mission and Orphanage supports orphans and vulnerable children. It was started in the year 2010 by Fr. Constantinos and prosbylene Teresa Jepchumba who played a great role since its inception to date.

The institution is situated in Njabini South Kinangop sub county Kenya. The institution has a population of 140 vulnerable children out of these 40 are totally orphans and live entirely in the orphanage. By the grace of God these 40 orphans are baptized and live the sacramental life of the orthodox faith.

Operating Expenses

Since the orphanage doesn't own land ,we pay rent where we shelter and educate these children. Similarly we have employed teachers /caregivers who educate and take care of the children.
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We pay rent monthly and also pay the teachers/caregivers salaries amounting to $1000 monthly we depend on the donations to facilitates all these needs.

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